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Pr industrial is professional manufacturer of air coils in Taiwan. The body of air coil is used as a medium to set up a magnetic field to induct, to drive, and to filter, which can be applied for public entrance guard, anti-theft, inductor, communication, antenna, camera module, and computer circuit. To learn more information, please browse the product categories and feel free to send your inquiries.

Air Coil Series:

  • Flat Wire Air Coils
  • Precision Air Coils For HDD, CD-R, CD-RW And DVD
  • Precision Air Coils (Camera Special Coils)
  • Solenoid Air Coils For Cooling Fans
  • Solenoid Air Coils (Precision Watch Coils)
  • Induction Air Coils For Anti Thefts

  • Pr Industrial provides high quality air coil which are underwent strict quality control before dispatching to the customers. The air coils are widely used in HDD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, cameras, cooling fans, precision watches, and many other sectors. Continuous advance in innovation and development is our philosophy to stand out among the air coil industry.